Changing the Computer Vision ModelΒΆ

The alwaysAI model catalog provides pre-trained machine learning models that enable developers to quickly prototype a computer vision application without the need to create a custom model first. To change the model in your application:

1. Update the app model dependency

Navigate to the model catalog and find the model you want to add, and click on the model name to see details. Copy the model ID and run it with the alwaysai app models add command in your terminal. For example, to use the MobileNet SSD model, the full command would be:

$ aai app models add alwaysai/ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco_2018_01_28

To remove your old model, run the alwaysai app models remove command:

$ aai app models remove alwaysai/mobilenet_ssd

To see the models that your app depends on, run the alwaysai app show command:

$ aai app show

  start => "python"
2. Use the model in your application

The next step to using the new model in your application is simply to pass the model ID to the constructor of the object that will be using it. Classification, ObjectDetection and PoseEstimation all take a model ID as input. Paste the model ID into your file as an input parameter:

obj_detect = edgeiq.ObjectDetection("alwaysai/ssd_mobilenet_v1_coco_2018_01_28")

Run the alwaysai app install command to make sure your models are installed and the latest application code is available on your device.

If the model does not get installed or is not supported by the object you are using, you will get an error back telling you so.